Su Dalian and other generals

” How deep!After investigation, Weibo account “Swirl Video” (existing fans 9.I have said that the content produced by the 2C from the media is usually very in line with the publics taste, sensibility, humorous, and the purpose is to make the public.Natural weak alkaline topic, caring for the gossip growth association conscience.Now that the media platform has a lot of support for content creators.They are all served for personal brands.after revocation of registration, immediately also included in the list of serious violations promises of social organization.In August last year, “Caring for the Gossip Glass Growth Association” completed thousands of A round financing, and the market valuation was over 100 million.On March 8th, Xian Net Letter Office conducted a legal discipline for the microblogging account “Swirl Video”, pointed out that there is a problem and requires its rapid rectification.The next step will be carefully rectified, profoundly absorb lessons, leading to the quit, organizational all personnel to strengthen laws and regulations, strengthen internal management, implement the content review system, effectively improve ideological understanding and business level, actively pass positive energy, to create a health and harmonious online The public opinion environment, maintaining the definition of the Qinglan network space.Entertainment gossip does not make money, but these “materials” can attract the public, some people have demand, there is a market, there is a market, there is money.Weibo account “Swirl Video” The relevant person in charge said that the problem of seriousness is deep, and sincerely accepts punishment.Have such a huge fan group, and how this 2C self-destruction is made? The most conventional change is: Advertising.Therefore, such self-media fans are usually not very precise. read more